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My inspiration is based on many encounters I made during my travels through out the world.
I had the possibility to work  with a lot of rewarding people who showed me different approaches to glass.
I am faschinated by honeycomb structures created by Nature. My shapes are determined by these Bionic features which implement great strenght, beautiful architecture, stability and perfection.
My current work for Habatat Galeries deals with Nature`s colorfulness and blown up floral motives which finally occur as pixelated abstract pattern.
All my pieces testify to my striving to create superlative studio glass.

To craft his glass objects influenced by Scandinavian designs and Southern traditions, Robert Comploj uses ancient Venetian techniques that he combines with cutting-edge methods. Nevertheless, their shapes are also determined by various topical themes broached by contemporary artists, as well as by the social trends of our times, as this glass artist comments. All his pieces testify to his striving to create superlative studio glass.