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Habatat was established in 1971 in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. We are the oldest and largest art gallery in the United States devoted exclusively to artists working with glass as their medium. Our 16,000 sq. ft. (including the Vault) Michigan gallery is the home of the original International Glass Invitational which, for 51 years, has introduced and exhibited the greatest artists working creatively with glass.

Habatat Galleries has emerged as a cornerstone in the global glass art community, with a rich history that spans over five decades. Since its inception in 1971, the gallery has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of contemporary glass art, hosting exhibitions featuring luminaries like Dale Chihuly and Klaus Moje. Habatat’s global outreach, from organizing the first International Glass Exhibition in China to publishing Ferdinand Hampson’s seminal work on the 50-year journey of studio glass in America, underscores its commitment to fostering a vibrant and interconnected  community of glass enthusiasts. The gallery’s influence extends beyond its physical locations, particularly with the initiation of the Glass Coast Weekend in Sarasota, Florida, in 2015. By pioneering this annual glass art event, Habatat has not only introduced the Sarasota area to the beauty and innovation of glass art but has also actively contributed to the cultural enrichment and artistic vitality of the region. The legacy of Habatat Galleries continues to thrive, bridging geographical boundaries and making a lasting impact on the appreciation and understanding of contemporary glass art.

Our mission is to service collectors both public and private. We take an active interest in developing collections and promoting artists whom we feel should be recognized in our generation and beyond. Habatat works with institutions, museums, designers, and other art based business where we have developed exhibits that have been displayed in over 100 public institutions. Each year we are active in publishing catalogues, from exhibits in the gallery, as well as exhibitions throughout the world.

We welcome you to our Habatat Family and look forward to sharing our passion with you. 

Our staff


Owner & Partner

Corey Hampson is a graduate of the Hayworth's School of Business at Western Michigan University and acted as Director of Sales at Habatat Detroit Fine Art for over a decade. He is currently President and Co-owner of Habatat Detroit Fine Art inc. He has written and published numerous articles about studio glass. Mr. Hampson has curated dozen of Museum and Art Center exhibitions throughout the United States. He co-hosts the largest and oldest annual studio glass exhibition in the world (50 years) entitled: Habatat Detroit Fine Art International Glass Invitational. Mr. Hampson works very closely developing collections for private collectors, museums, and organizations around the world. Currently, Mr. Hampson is heading up the special projects division of Habatat which focuses on partnering with leading museums and future exposure opportunities.


Owner & Partner

Aaron is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in advertising and a background in computer science. Aaron joined the Habatat organization in 2005 and is a partner and owner of Habatat Detroit Fine Art, Inc. He has promoted talented artists throughout the world with both gallery and museum exhibitions, art fairs, catalogs, physical and internet marketing, and beyond. He has currently revolutionized the online exhibition format and created the Glass Art Fair digital presentation and recently developed a limited-edition offering service through the website. He also developed Not Grandma's Glass yearlong virtual exhibition in 2021 and now continuing in 2023. A second-generation gallery owner, Aaron has a vast knowledge of the history of studio glass along with a keen eye for developing collections.



Gallery Manager

When calling Habatat Detroit Fine Art you will most likely hear the upbeat and warm voice of Debbie Clason who has been part of the family for over 23 years! Debbie specializes in many of the tasks in the gallery including bookkeeping, editing, presentation management, and more! Debbie graduated from Walsh College with an associate's degree in accounting and business management.



Robert Bambrough has been the backbone of Habatat Detroit Fine Art for over 25 years and specializes in exhibition planning, art handling, shipping, and much more. Rob is an expert in art lighting, and art placement and has packed/shipped artwork from almost every well-known glass artist on the planet. To add to his resume Rob has traveled across America setting up exhibitions at art fairs, museums as well as art spaces. The presentations he constructs are often considered “The Best in Show".


Art Consultant

Regina Leutzinger started with Habatat in 2019. With a strong background in sales and marketing, she is primarily focused on curating private collections and corporations. Her personal relationships with artists, knowledge of their techniques, and a strong admiration for art and interior design make her a fan favorite in the studio glass world. Regina also dabbles in video editing and personal collections in resales.


Art Handler & installer

David Walstad has been working with Habatat Detroit Fine Art for over a decade and specializes in handling, packing, and installing glass sculptures. David travels often and is an essential part of the setup and take-down team for the many art fairs, museums, and art spaces that Habatat Detroit Fine Art exhibits.


Founder & President

The founder and president of Habatat Detroit Fine Art, MI., Ferdinand Hampson has been involved with artists working with glass for 40 years. He is the author of several publications, including “GLASS STATE OF THE ART," 1984, “INSIGHT: A COLLECTORS GUIDE TO CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN GLASS," 1985 and “GLASS STATE OF THE ART II," 1989, all published by Elliott Johnston Publishers. He has most recently, in 2012, completed “STUDIO GLASS IN AMERICA: A 50-YEAR JOURNEY a 256 page hard cover book.

He has lectured extensively and written numerous articles and introductions for exhibition catalogues. His honors include the 2001 Visionary Award for monumental achievements in the contemporary craft field, in 2003, the Honors Award by the Glass Alliance as a pioneer in the field of contemporary glass and he has also recieved the Visionary Award from the Naples Art Expo. Internationally recognized as a noted authority and historian in the field, his name is synonymous with glass today.


Social Coordinator

Kathy is a graduate of Michigan State University with an Special Education Degree and joined Habatat in1989. Business and marriage partner to Ferdinand Hampson, she is instrumental in working with clients and organizing the annual collector trips to various artist's studios throughout the world. Kathy help with all the social events in the gallery from openings to entertaining clients and artists.


Habatat Staff

Habatat is currently looking for a motivated and talented videographer to work with us and promote the artists in our Habatat Family. Contact us with your resume at [email protected]

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