Artist: Jessica Loughlin

  • My work investigates space, seeing distance and understanding how wide open spaces, particularly of the Australian landscape affect us.  I am fascinated by the unreachable space. The view we look upon, but can never reach.

    In this minimal landscape, all elements are stripped back, light becomes the landscape and I am left looking at space, the space between here.…and there. This viewed distance is a place we can never reach, never get to, for as we move towards it, it moves away from you. Is this a real place or is it a projected space of the imagination.

    When visiting  Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre) in South Australia, one becomes immersed in the present, but in the context of a much greater timeline. Lake Eyre is a landscape of water. Water travelled, evaporated, its residue left and then becoming visible again at altitude as cloud. An ever changing constant of formations.

    The process I’ve created to make the pieces reflects the concept.  Solid glass is ground up to make glass powder.  With water, the powder is moved across the glass surface.  I then leave the water to evaporate: it leaves an imprint—a watermark—in the glass.  The piece is then fired in the kiln and the process repeated for subsequent layers.  The process is movement of water through evaporation.

  • National Gallery of Australia,

    Queensland Art Gallery

    Glass Museum, Marina Grande, Portugal

    Resource Finance Corporation, Syd Australia

    National Glass Collection, Wagga Wagga, Australia

    Corning Museum of Glass NY USA

    Mobile Museum of Art AL, USA

    Art Gallery of Western Australia

    Victorian and Albert Museum, London UK

    Glasmuseum, Ebeltoft, Denmark

    Hamilton Regional Art Gallery, Vic Australia

    Mu.dac (Musée de Design et d’Arts Appliqués Contemporains), Lausanne, Switzerland

    New Mexico museum of Art, NM, USA

  • 2007       First Prize Tom Malone Art Prize, Art Gallery of Western Australia

    2004       First PrizeTom Malone Prize, Art Gallery of Western Australia

    2001       Urban Glass award ‘Outstanding New Artist in Glass’ NewYork USA

    1997       First Prize, RFC Award, (currently Ranamok prize) Resource Finance Corporation, Australia

  • 2014       ‘the familiar edge of the unknown’ (solo) Sabbia Gallery Sydney Australia

    ‘Terroir’ JamFactory, Adelaide Australia

    2013       Landscape; Masters of Glass 2013, Sabbia Gallery Sydney Australia

    LINKS, Museum of Glass, Tacoma,                WA, USA

    Chroma Culture: White, Bullseye Gallery, OR USA

    2012       Asaka Corr Douglas Loughlin: Concept Mastery Originality Technique, Lesley Kehoe Galleries, Melbourne Australia

    Tom Malone Art Prize, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Australia

    Import, Bullseye gallery, TSA gallery, OH,USA

    blue pony, Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design, SA Australia

    2011       eyre, (solo) Sabbia Gallery, Sydney, Australia

    Art Santa Fe, NM, USA

    Art MRKT, CA USA

    2010       Art on the Edge, New Mexico Museum of Art, NM U.S.A.

    Art Miami 2010, FL U.S.A.

    Art Santa Fe, NM, U.S.A.

    Abstract Nature, Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia, S.A. Australia

    Collectors, Khai Liew Design, SA, Australia, Design Museum, London, UK

    Mind and Matter, meditations on immateriality, Jam Factory, Centre for Contemporary Craft and Design, SA, Australia

    10 contemporary Australian Artists: a glass act, Australian Galleries, Vic, Australia

    2009       ‘Expanse’ (solo) Bullseye Connections Gallery, OR, USA

    ‘Collect’ Bullseye Connections Gallery, London, UK

    SOFAWEST, Bullseye Connections Gallery, NM USA

    Evaporations, (solo) Beaver Galleries, ACT, Australia.

    Art Miami 2009, FL USA.

    2008       Flux, reflections of contemporary glass, New Mexico Museum of Art, USA

    Visionaries : Masters 2008, Sabbia Gallery, NSW,  Australia.

    Wonderlust, Art Gallery of Western Australia, WA, Australia.

    Waterhouse Prize, Museum of South Australia, S.A. Australia

    Succession, Bullseye Connection Gallery,OR USA.

    • Tom Malone Art Prize, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Australia

    Hobart City Art Prize, Hobart City Gallery, TAS, Australia

    Brought to Light II , australian contemporary art 1966 – 2006, Queensland Art Gallery, QLD Australia

    Habatat invitational,  Detroit, USA

    2006       Jessica Loughlin,(solo)  Heller Gallery, NYC, NY, USA

    Reductive sublime, Object gallery Sydney, Australia

    Glass: Material Matters, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA, USA

    2005       Meister der Moderne, Munich, Germany,

    Shifting Views, (solo) Bullseye Connection Gallery,OR USA

    SIX, BMG galleries, S.A., Australia

    2004       Interiors, maps, marks and memories, Jam Factory, SA. Australia

    Jessica Loughlin,(solo) Sanske Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland

    International Glass Exhibitiojn,Palazzo Franchetti. Venice, Italy

    2003     Glass Vessel: An International Invitational, KACF, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

    Jessica Loughlin,(solo)  Heller Gallery, NYC, NY, USA

    Bullseye Connections Gallery, Glass Weekend, Sofa Chicargo, USA

    The Glass Vessel: An International Invitational, KACF, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

    •   Material culture, National Gallery of Australia, ACT, Australia,

    Landscape: Mindspace, (Solo) Bullseye Connection Gallery,USA.

    Less is More / Less is a Bore, Brisbane City Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

    2001       Cutting Edge Axia Modern art, Melbourne, Australia

    Transparent Things, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW, Australia, then touring nationally.

    2000       Jessica Loughlin,(solo) Bullseye Connections Gallery, SOFA, International Art Expo, NYC, NY, USA

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    On the Edge, Brisbane City Art Gallery, QLD Australia, Galerie Handwerk, Munich, Germany.

    1999       Australian Studio Glass, Galeria Nova Imagem, Lisbon; Glass Museum, Marina Grande, Portugal.

    Jessica Loughlin and Giles Bettison, Bullseye Gallery, Portland, OR,USA..