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Rhino Tram – Animal Tram Series – Shelley Muzylowski Allen 2022

$2,900 + shipping (Contact us for shipping outside of the USA. [email protected])

*If purchasing in MI or FL a 6% sales tax will be applied to your order.


Shelley Muzylowski Allen
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Rhino Tram, 2022
The first of three in the Animal Tram Series
7 x 8 x 4 inches ( will vary )
Blown, engraved, and cold-worked glass, steel base
Limited availability of 20.
$2,900 each plus shipping
Includes wood hinged box and extra surprise!

This is the first of three upcoming Habatat Limiteds by artist Shelley Muzylowski Allen. Each work is made unique and, after purchase, will ship directly to you once ready. This Limited has been in the works for over two years and we are honored to offer this exclusive to you. Only 20 are available and will include a signed certificate along with the purchase. If you prefer to purchase over the phone feel free to contact the gallery anytime.

Artist’s comments:

This series developed from an image that I had in my head one morning as I woke. It was of a tiny elephant, one you could hold in your hand.

What I normally have to do when these images appear is to make it out of glass. It was truly a delightful experience. I later researched small-sized elephant icons and came across the chess sets said to belong to King Charlemagne (11th century) in which the Bishops were elephants. Compelled with these extraordinary pieces, I made a series I called the Elephant Trolleys.

The rhinos arise out of this same origin – bringing reverence and attention to these beautiful beasts and with hopes to bring a smile to those who see them. In a multiple-day process, I first blow and partially sculpt the rhino graal. Once cold I use diamond bits to engrave the glass surface. I then pick the graal back up on the blowpipe and finish the sculpture.

These rhinos are engraved with symbols from my Ukrainian heritage – the sunflower, a symbol of peace, is on one side – on the other, a sheath of wheat, the symbol of good health and harvest. These patterns were taught to me by my grandmother, great grandmother and my mother as all the women of the family sat together during visits making traditional dyed Easter eggs called Pysanky and other crafts. These times were powerful and formative.

A choice between a daffodil yellow or a transparent topaz interior color both with a speckled and crackled celadon (blue-green) surface is offered. The rhino is the first animal out of a total of three in the set. – Shelley Muzylowsi Allen 2022

Process video:


Artist: Shelley Muzylowski Allen