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In the Czech Republic during the velvet revolution artists lived through atrocities visually tell a story through their artwork. Artists such as Stanislaw Libensky/  Jaroslava Brychtova and Rene Roubechek have expressed their feelings using glass to interpret the tribulations they have lived through during this period in history.

This newest body of work by Jan Exnar tells the story of that far off land that withstood its reign of aggressors. The castings appear heavy with a geometric line which relates to architecture. However, instead of carrying the line throughout the sculpture, the line appears to be irrational or eroded. Each piece is riddled with beautiful carved and cast “glass scars.”  The glass scar tells a tale of a civilization that held strong through occupation and distress.

The ability to peer through a sculpture is vitally important to the artist. The sculptures’ windows or crevices allow the viewer to see both into and through the sculpture which delivers a sense of hope and freedom.   The unique pigmentation of Czech glass and all of its wonderful attributes that Jan Exnar utilizes within his sculpture explains to its viewer that freedom is something that should be cherished for both its fragility and beauty.

We at Habatat Galleries are honored to present “PASSAGE - the sculpture of Jan Exnar.


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