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Here is the wonderful list of all the talented artists that will be visited on this highly anticipated trip.

Blanka Adensamova, Dana Zamecnikova, Marian Karel, Bohumil Elias Jr., Anna Matouskova, Bretislav Novak Jr., Zdenek Lhotsky, Peter Bremers, Michael Behrens, Vladimira Klumpar, Josef Marek, Jan Frydrych, Vladimir Klein, Milan Handl, Stanislava Grebenickova, Vaclav Cigler, Jaromir Rybak, Tomas Hlavicka, Ivana Sramkova, Alena Matejka, Jitka Skuhrava, Jan Exnar, Petr Hora, Zora Palova, Stephan Pala, Lukas Mjartan, Pavol Hloska, Pavol Macho, Oliver Lesso.


For more information feel free to contact Allan and Susan Weiner - [email protected] or [email protected]


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