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Anna Skibska’s work is unlimited. The scale of her sculpture is up to her imagination. Glass – becoming form, line and structure. Both delicate and strong.

Anna will be presenting over 100 unique works! This includes 112 cube boxes that will create one of the largest single installations of Anna’s ever! Habatat Galleries is both honored and excited for this exhibition and you are invited to see Anna’s large scale installation! Each individual cube is available!


Compression and Expansion

A few years ago I moved from a small studio to a larger one. The exhibition that I currently was working on during the move was severely damage in the moving process.

It was more cost effective (time wise) to make new work than to spend time repairing the damaged exhibition. So I sculpted new work. But emotionally I could not abandon my unfinished and damaged creations. I decided to crush the remains of these sculptures and display the remnants in a glass box. At that time I had no idea what I would do with it. This process helped me reconcile with the damaged work. This reconciliation was very important to me.

The glass box was living in my studio for years. Occupying a tiny space and cumulating quite a substantial amount of dust - forgotten. Last year I came across the glass box and discovered something interesting and appealing about it. I gazed at the box and the debris inside with a fresh eye.

Suddenly this tiny space filled by the glass debris started growing in my imagination. It was no longer a reminder – the box had become something new. This forgotten glass box had become the vehicle to a new exciting idea: Space; and then later: Expansion. I thought to myself what could I create with the same volume of material? Possibly using glass? I had recently discovered the material at the time. I felt that glass could transport me to what I consider familiar using both space time and light.

In order to catch light and organize space the large cube was made and a series of the smaller ones. It has been both a treasured and precious experience. I could manipulate the space of my installations by expanding and compressing the space as I pleased. It fascinated me.

To me this process is a transparent equation. This (metaphoric and figurative) equation would discuss the space use by all of the sculptures: the glass box, the large cube and the smaller cubes. The same amount of glass could organize space so differently. I could arrange it in any geometric way. I also could construct an organic shape using the same components such as the small cubes.

This is not the end of my Compression and Expansion Story! When my exhibition was mature enough it was then packed (an example of compression) and shipped to Michigan (an example of expansion). The process took place, again.

I am holding my breath waiting for what will happen next.

La Skibska

Written in Seattle

AD 2014


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