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You are invited to an in-person grand opening this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. ET! This exhibition is the 30-Year Anniversary of Habatat exhibiting the work of Tomas Hlavicka. Tomáš Hlavička’s unique style of fusing glass and metal into sculptural forms sets him apart. At first sight, they are dramatic and sometimes stark contemporary masterpieces, but Hlavička brings simple forms to life, creating microcosmic worlds of color and texture that constantly changes depending on the source of light and the angle.

View his exhibition: Click HERE


I have always been interested in decoration which is almost everything we see around us even when we do not realize it. In my glass form, I try to incorporate decoration in a simple format so that it does not overpower my sculpture. I let nature inspire me in a matter-of-fact way. My sculptures are clearly reminiscent of waving grass, fallen autumn leaves, and bionic shapes. I am interested in design and as a result, many of my works resembled vases, bowels, and cases.

This Saturday, you are also invited to join me for a Habatat-Zoom celebrating the long and important career of artist Tomas Hlavicka. Expect to see some stunning works and a glimpse into the artist's studio. Hlavicka will not be joining us due to a language barrier. RSVP HERE to join this very special Habatat-Zoom.

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