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For 2021 Habatat is offer a yearlong competition exhibition titled Not Grandma’s Glass.

The story goes when I (Aaron Schey) started my career at the gallery the topic of a client's collection would often arise. When family was brought up the collectors would mention that the artwork in their home was referred to by the next generation as “Oh that’s just Grandma’s Glass.”

This exhibition promotes 12 unique online presentations by 12 artist that are pushing the medium beyond the norm. One per month. Creating work that is probably not in Grandma’s art collection…..yet. These artists are extremely innovative and I propose that they will all be important in the future of the glass medium.

Our first artist in the Not Grandma's Glass Presentation is Seattle based artist Morgan Peterson.

"I confront the hypocritical way that social control is disguised as morality through form and technique. I employ common images and replace their usual context and palate with something more alarming. I hope to evoke in the viewer the disquiet and disturbance that our addictions—religion, consumerism, drug use—bring out in me." -MP

Habatat Now presentation by Morgan Peterson is scheduled for Saturday, January 2nd, 2021. RSVP Coming Soon!

This exhibition opens online Saturday, January 2nd, 2021. Happy New Year!
Not Grandma's Glass.

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