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Habatat has adapted our Glass48 International event to a client focused online presentation so the exhibition can be viewed from anywhere. This will allow all visitors to view presentation from anywhere in the world. This experience will include personalized videos of each artists work and will also feature studio tours. We are excited to bring our International presentation to you.

The Habatat Direct display will also include the Habatat Silver Exhibition which offer a glimpse into the future of art glass. It will be will be one of the most interesting and eye-opening presentations ever experienced at Habatat.

The Gallery is currently closed to the public and will be open for private tours in the Months of June, July and August. Contact the gallery to setup a private tour of Glass48 – Habatat Galleries Complex – 4400 Fernlee Ave. Royal Oak – 30 Min from DTW

Visit for more details:

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Upcoming Exhibition is Friday, March 24th 6PM

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