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Each one of us lives inside the veil of their own transient world, filled with memories, emotions, and yearnings, that as an individual, we each know and are responsible only for images inherent in our own world. Sometimes, a sense of loneliness and timelessness unfolds and makes one gasp for air in their own intimate space of experience, which I call the In-between breath. It is the moment a breath stops, frozen in time, and tunes in with the silence echoing off its own walls.

In a world which keeps erasing individual identities, individual poetries of dreamt out lives are gaining importance. In 25 years, it will serve as a sensitive medium for individual’s intimate emotions, preserving the vulnerability and sensibility which make us Human.

I believe glass will continue to interpret our inner layers through its subtleness. As glass mirrors the most tender of all human relations – revealing hidden parts of itself to the chosen, playfully hiding others and mirroring the joys and sorrows of the lucky ones who get close enough – the future will hopefully reverse the mirror and allow us to adopt the transparency, self-awareness, introspective and inquisitive nature of glass, a gentle companion and razor sharp mind.


Tanja Pak, 2017

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