Artist: Zoltan Bohus

  • Zoltan Bohus attended the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, where he currently serves as head professor of the glass department. Using contemporary architecture as his initial inspiration, throughout the years Zoltan developed his geometrical work to such a level that architects are now themselves being inspired by his architectonic sculptures. His work is in the permanent collections of several museums, including the Corning Museum of Glass, the Hungarian National Gallery, Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf in Germany, the Musee Des Beaux-Arts in France, the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Switzerland and the Yokohama Museum in Japan.


  • 1972 Ferencvárosi Pincetárlat, Budapest
    1974 Hungarian Architects’ Association, Budapest
    (with Mária Lugossy and Ildikó Ardai)
    1975 Youth House, Győr, Hungary
    (with Mária Lugossy and Tibor Csiky)
    1976 Studio Gallery, Budapest
    1977 Szoboszlói Kisgaléria, Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary
    (with Mária Lugossy)
    Egri Kisgaléria, Eger, Hungary (with Mária Lugossy)
    1978 Cultural Center, Salgótarján, Hungary (with Mária Lugossy)
    Uitz Terem, Dunaújvaros, Hungary (with Mária Lugossy)
    1979 Vasas Galéria, Diósgyőr, Hungary (with Mária Lugossy)
    1980 Hungarian Institute, Warsaw, Poland (with Mária Lugossy)
    1981 Museum of Decorative Arts, Budapest
    1982 Red Chapel, Balatonboglár, Hungary
    1984 Lobmeyr Studio, Vienna, Austria
    (with Mária Lugossy and György Buczkó)
    1985 Pécsi Galéria, Pécs, Hungary (with Mária Lugossy)
    Kaposvári Galéria, Kaposvár, Hungary (with Mária Lugossy)
    Heller Gallery, New York, N.Y., U.S.A. (with Mária Lugossy)
    1986 Galerie D’Amon, Paris, France (with Mária Lugossy)
    1987 Mária Lugossy, Zoltán Bohus, Kunst im Rathaus, Fellbach,
    1988 “Glass Sculptures”, Tihanyi Museum, Tihany, Hungary
    (with Mária Lugossy and György Buczkó)
    1989 Habatat Galleries, Detroit, U.S.A. (with Mária Lugossy)
    1990 Galerie “L”, Hamburg, Germany (with Mária Lugossy)
    1991 Ueda Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (with Mária Lugossy)
    1992 Carpe Diem Gallery, Paris
    1993 Hotel de Region, Rouen, France
    1994 Habatat Galleries, Pontiac, Mi, USA (with Mária Lugossy)
    1996 Museum of Decorative Arts, Budapest
    (with Mária Lugossy and György Buczkó)
    1997 G.A.S. Conference, Tucson, A USA
    (with Mária Lugossy and László Lukácsi)
    Galerie Rob van den Doel, the Hague, /NL/ (with Mária Lugossy)
    1998 Városi Képtár, Győr Hungary (with Mária Lugossy)
    Galerie Chapelotte Luxenburg (with Maria Lugossy and László Lukácsi )
    St’Art Galeria, Budapest, Hungary
    1999 Heller Gallery (with Maria Lugossy), New York, USA
    2000 Portia Gallery, Chicago, USA (with Maria Lugossy and Laászló Lukácsi)
    2001 Körmendi Galéria, Sopron Hungary
    2002 „Spaces and Streams” Glasspyramid Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (with Maria Lugossy)
    2004 MAVA, Alcorcon, Madrid, Spain
    2006 Glass Spaces (My first 40 years) Ipaművészeti Múzeum (Museum of Decorative Arts) Budapest

    2007 Glass Spaces II. Jankay Galeria, Békéscsaba
    2008 Radar Galéria, Budapest
    2008 Keresztury terem, Zalaegerszeg