Artist: György Gáspár

  • The sculptures of György Gáspár are often fascinated by action movie scenes, and sci-fi literature as part of the pop culture. The theme of his pieces is usually the artificially constructed reality by television. His works holding mirrors in front of us at a time when entire generations have grown up sitting in front of the TV the “electric babysitter”. The artist’s use of the word “geo-pop” about his art, that is geometrical  pop art. In the creation, he often uses powerful and vibrant colors next to each other. György Gaspar’s titles also play a major role: explaining the content and starting point for the ideas. The series are characterized by innovation with continuous technological experimentation and the involvement of new materials.
    He was awarded state honors in 2009 (Noemi Ferenczy prize). His works can be found in important private and public collections, such as Sir Elton John Art Collection, MUDAC Museum (Switzerland), Cornin Museum of Glass, etc. He has taught several times at Pilchuck Glass School. Recently he is working on his DLa studies (Doctor of Liberal Arts) in Hungary where he live and work.