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The most beautiful, extravagant man-made object could never creatively equal the simplest and smallest naturally occurring life form. The purpose of creating this series on a macro scale is to bring to light the beauty that exists within the micro scale of nature. Through the rigors of day-to-day life in an urban setting, I find it all too easy to overlook the natural beauty that has ultimately birthed us as a species. Small plants, although minuscule in comparison to our human-sized way of existing, are overwhelmingly perplexing when held inches away from one’s face. The vast majority of people will seldom grasp this seemingly secret perception of existence. When I scale life forms up to be larger than a person, they can be observed with this perspective from across a room due to the overwhelming physical presence they command. It is my hope that when people admire my large-scale renderings, they become curious and captivated by the hints of realism I incorporate into my designs. I encourage people to attempt to observe with the same eyes through which I humbly and graciously experience our natural world.

Exhibitions and Awards

•2015 Cretan Pear Resort installation Greece

•2015 Art Palm Beach Habatat Gallery

•2014 SOFA Chicago Habatat Gallery

• 2014 MGM Grand installation Macau China

• 2014 Art Palm Beach Habatat Gallery

• 2014 North American International Auto Show Lincoln Motor Company Gallery

• 2014 Northwest Flower and Garden show Design Garden (Gold Medal and Designers Choice Award)

• 2013 Art Prize Winner (5th place of 1,524)

• 2013-2014 Encore Exhibition of Botanical Exotica at Grand Rapids Art Museum MI

• 2013 Exhibition at Grand Rapids Art Museum, Reimagining the landscape and the Future of Nature Grand Rapids, MI

• 2013 Habatat Galleries International/Expose show Royal Oak, MI

• 2013 Solo show “Botanical Exotica” at Seattle Conservatory Seattle, WA

• 2012 Privately shown at Black Hat Studio and Show Room Seattle, WA

• 2011 Group show at Seattle Design Center Seattle, WA

• 2010 Solo show at Park Lane gallery Kirkland, WA

• 2009 MIVAL show (2nd Place award) Mercer Island, WA

• 2008 MIVAL show Mercer Island (2nd Place award) Mercer Island, WA

• 2007 MIVAL show mercer Island (2nd place award) Mercer Island, WA

• 2006 MIVAL show Mercer Island, WA

• 2006 Solo show Avelino gallery Mercer Island, WA

• 2005 MIVAL show Mercer Island, WA (honorable mention award)

• 2005 Solo show at 6 walls interior design Mercer Island WA

Latest event

You’re invited! 50TH Annual Exhibition

Saturday, April 30 at 8:00pm

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