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ArtAspen 2014 Habatat Galleries

VIP Opening Thursday July 31st 2014 - Call 248.554.0590 for Tickets!

Show continues through Sunday August 3rd at the Aspen Ice Garden!

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Both Corey Hampson and Robert Bambrough will be looking forward to seeing you!

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  Shelley Muzylowski Allen ArtAspen 2014   Nicole Chesney ArtAspen 2014   BRENT KEE YOUNG ArtAspen 2014  
  Shelley Muzylowski Allen
Minstrel, 2014
25 x 23 x 17"
Hot sculpted glass
  Nicole Chesney
Top:  Attollo, 2014  45 x 111 x 1"
Bottom:  Arise, 2010  48 x 44 x 1"
Oil paint, acid etched and mirror
  Brent Kee Young  -  SOLD
The Matrix Series - Revere the Past, 2014
10 x 29 x 9"
Hot sculpted glass
  SUSAN TAYLOR GLASGOW ArtAspen 2014   VLADIMIRA KLUMPAR ArtAspen 2014   SHAYNA LEIB ArtAspen 2014  
  Susan Taylor Glasgow
Silver Empire, 2014
72 x 24 x 24"
Glass and mixed media
  Vladimira Klumpar
Assembled Geometry, 2014
69 x 21 x 21"
Cast glass
  Shayna Leib - SOLD
The Archipelagos 7, 2013
14 x 38 x 7"
Hot sculpted glass
  TIM TATE ArtAspen 2014   CLIFFORD RAINEY ArtAspen 2014   MARTA KLONOWSKA ArtAspen 2014  
  Tim Tate SOLD -
*By commission available*
The Guardian, 2014
18 x 18 x 2"
Cast glass and video
  Clifford Rainey
Amphictyon 2/7, 2010
18 x 16 x 12"
Cast glass
  Marta Klonowska
Fenek, 2011
23 x 35.5 x 20"
Assembled glass




Glass Tour 2014 Habatat Galleries


You are invited to the 2014 Glass Tours!

Still Room on Both Tours Call today!

With Your Friends, Contemporary Glass Experts and Tour Hosts:

Ferdinand & Kathy Hampson

Glass Tour Habatat Galleries Glass Tour Habatat Galleries

Trip Details:

Tour Option #One:    “Contemporary Glass Tour of Northern California”

San Francisco * Bay Area * Napa Valley         Traveling:  September 2-7, 2014

Visits to the studios of:  Clifford Rainey * Latchezar Boyadjiev * Marvin Lipofsky * Oben Abright * Jay Musler * Randy Strong * Mark Abildgaard * Susan Longini * Kathleen Elliot * Nikolas Weinstein * Demetra Theofanous Matthew Szosz  & Anna Mlasowski  * Ed Kirshner…and more. Plus The Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI), The de Young Museum – “George & Dorothy Saxe Collection of Contemporary Glass”.  Entry into Private & Corporate Collections, tasting at a local vineyard and many extras…(with confirmations)    Tour Price:    $2,495.00 pp double occupancy

Tour Option #Two:  Exploring Contemporary Glass of Seattle & the Pacific Northwest”   Traveling:  September 8-13, 2014

Visits to the studios of:  Martin Blank * David Huchthausen * Sabrina Knowles & Jenny Pohlman * Judith La Scola * Shelley Muzylowski Allen & Rik Allen * Benjamin Moore &  Debora Moore * Ross Richmond * Richard Royal  *  Ginny Ruffner Ethan Stern * April Surgent * The William Morris Studio * Pilchuck Glass School. Plus behind-the-scenes at the private Chihuly Boathouse with demos, Ballard Studio & Chihuly Garden & Glass,  The Museum of Glass-Tacoma Current Exhibitions & Hot Shop Demonstrations, the Chihuly Glass Bridge, Martin Blank’sFluent Steps” Installation and Hotel Murano Glass Installations & Entry into Private Collections…(with confirmations.)     Tour Price:  $2,395.00 pp double occupancy

Combined or Separated Tours Include:  * Deluxe Hotel Accommodations: Hotel Andra - Seattle /  Hotel Grand Hyatt - San Francisco * Daily Breakfasts *  4 Lunches & 2 Dinners on both tours  * Private Coaches * Custom-Designed Itinerary created expressly for Habatat Galleries * Hosted by Ferdinand & Kathy Hampson of Habatat Galleries * Developed/Escorted by Susan & Allan Weiner of Professional Travel

For Tour Itinerary & Reservations Contact:  Susan & Allan Weiner of Professional Travel - 6513 W. Behrend Drive  Glendale, AZ 85308

Phone:  800-945-4461 Ext. # 8110 or  623-521-5700  /  E-mail:  [email protected]  or  [email protected]

Peter Bremers 2014


Part of the 2014 Summer of Glass II
Made possible in part by the Lincoln Financial Foundation and the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

The prevailing concepts in Bremers' work are emphasized in this exhibition, and they are best described in his own words: “We see the natural world as something separate from ourselves; exploit its gifts without restraint for economic gain, and by doing so turn it from an age-old friend into a hostile force. We show little trace of gratitude and seem to forget that we are ourselves an intricate part of nature.”

Dutch artist Peter Bremers was born in 1957 in Maastricht, where he studied sculpture at the University of Fine Arts from 1976 to 1980 and three-dimensional design at the Jan van Eyck Academie from 1986 to 1988. Searching for suitable ways of realising his artistic ideas, he at first worked with a wide range of materials, including glass, plastic, steel and stone. In 1989 he attended a course given by Lino Tagliapietra at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, but the strongest impetus to turn to glass as his ideal material had come three years earlier, during a workshop held at the Jan van Eyck Academie by the senior Dutch glass artist A.D. Copier (1901-1991).

Bremers works with a team of assistantswho carry out ideas at the furnace that the artist has acquired on extensive travels in Asia, New Zealand, Africa and the Antarctic. Perhaps Bremers's most compelling works are the recent Icebergs & Paraphernalia. In a DVD documentation of this series he describes his journey to the Antarctic in a deep-sea sailing ship, recording his impressions of the glaciers and of the waves glistening in the dawn sunlight. He also tells of disastrous attempts to realise the resulting ideas at the furnace, and how he travelled to the Czech village of Pelechov, near Zelezny Brod, to have them cast instead. In Icebergs & Paraphernalia Bremers uses undulating wave-like shapes, along with angular holes and arches to evoke a combination of ice and fire, light and colour. He recreates in glass the openings and fissures in the glaciers, together with the unfathomable depths of the ice.

Also on display are the 28 Award Winners from Habatat Galleries 42nd Glass International Award Exhibition!


Available Sculpture - Peter Bremers 2014! Call or email [email protected] for pricing.

  Peter Bremers
Circumstands IV,
29 x 31 x 4" Cast glass
Peter Bremers
51 x 15 x 8" Cast glass
Peter Bremers
Perception V' 12,
33 x 32 x 4" Cast glass
  Peter Bremers
I&P '07-117,
36 x 28 x 9" Cast glass
Peter Bremers
CD '10-40s,
15 x 17 x 6" Cast glass
Peter Bremers
I&P '10-198,
24 x 35 x 5" Cast glass
  Peter Bremers
The Unknown '11,
15 x 15 x 4" Cast glass
Peter Bremers
I&P '11-234, 2011
31 x 26 x 7" Cast glass
Peter Bremers
New Chapter '11,
15 x 14 x 4 Cast glass
  Peter Bremers
I&P '08-166, 2008
13 x 20 x 8" Cast glass
Peter Bremers
Sedona CD '09-36,
20 x 16 x 4" Cast glass
Peter Bremers
Imprint 1,
40 x 22 x 4" Cast glass


Glass Evolved 42nd Glass International Habatat Galleries    2012 Studio Glass in America 
42nd International Catalogue featuring
112 color pages of the best of contemporary glass!
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  Studio Glass In American: A 50 Year Journey
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256 color pages of the best of contemporary glass!
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