Tips for Displaying and Lighting Glass Sculpture at Home

03 Jan

glass sculpture sale

One of the most common questions people ask after making a purchase from one of our glass sculpture sales is, “What’s the best way to display this piece at home?” While the answer generally varies from work to work, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to staging, lighting, and showing off glass artwork in your home.

Here are a few general tips you can keep in mind to give your new glass artwork the showcase it deserves.

  • Glass Needs Light
    Of course, one of the distinguishing features of contemporary glass art is its translucent nature. For that reason, glass sculptures and even functional glass art look best when light is allowed to shine through them. Avoid sticking them in tight, dark corners, and instead, feature them against white or light-colored walls for a more dramatic effect.
  • Glass is Heavy
    Another important factor to bear in mind is the physical weight of the glass itself. Between 70% to 74% of the weight of glass is made up of fused quartz, or pure silica, which can easily weigh hundreds of pounds for a larger piece. Of course, glass is also highly fragile, so if you are mounting or hanging pieces, it would be a wise investment to have a professional install the proper holds.
  • Glass is Dimensional
    Unlike flat paintings, glass sculptures take up physical space in a room that often becomes an extension of the piece itself. When choosing where to set your piece, bear in mind the way that shadows might enhance (or block) the elements of the room. Again, natural light from big, open window spaces is often your ally in glorifying your art and personal space alike.


Sometimes, homeowners and art collectors will walk into a glass sculpture sale looking for a particular piece that will liven up a room. Other times, the glass itself seems to choose you, and you have to build a room around it. In order to get the most satisfaction and beauty out of your artwork, remember to keep in mind the unique properties of glass that make it so different from any other kind of contemporary art. A well-displayed piece can offer a lifetime of aesthetic rewards for you and all who enter your home.