The Major Benefits of Buying Art From Art Auction Sites

March 25, 2016

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art auction sites

Building a personal art collection takes years and years of visiting galleries, attending auctions, and keeping up with the latest trends and art events. Some prefer to deal with an auction house while others like to handle transactions with the artist themselves.

No matter what method a dedicated collector of antique or modern art chooses, the fact is that the art world has kept up with the times, and there are technological improvements to the process of buying art to consider. Every art collector or aspiring art collector, should definitely consider visiting art auction sites the next time they are in the market for a new piece.

Indeed, fully 71% of art collectors have now purchased art of some form online. Check out these reasons why online art collecting is the way to go.

Say Goodbye to Stressful Auctions
When you bid for art online, there is none of the silly social pressure that one finds at the traditional auctions. Feel free to take back your offer or to enter the bidding at whatever time you choose, and make decisions based only on your objective opinion of a piece.

Buy Remotely
Instead of waiting for great art to come your way, now you can go to it by viewing a piece and others like it by the same artists, even if they are oceans away. Consider glass art, which originated in the first century BC, transformed from raw materials at a temperature of 2, 400 degrees Fahrenheit, as soon as it comes out of the artist’s kiln, or paintings as soon as the oil has dried on the canvas.

Virtual Hanging
Before you actually buy a piece, see how it looks on your walls with one of many virtual hanging tools, which can create scaled representations of how and where a piece would hang. This way, you can find out for sure whether or not you want a piece.

Art auction sites are a great way to get into art collecting for newbies, and a fantastic way to continue a tradition for seasoned art collecting veterans.