Glass Artists

glass artistsFor more than 40 years, our mission at Habatat Galleries has been to bring high end glass art to the world. As the oldest and largest gallery in the United States devoted exclusively to blown glass sculpture, our exhibition spaces in Royal Oak, Michigan, and West Palm Beach, Florida, have routinely been at the forefront of glass art evolution. Throughout our history, we have played host to some of the finest pieces from many of today’s leading contemporary glass artists.

We first opened our doors in 1971 and, before long, began featuring regular exhibitions of work from some of glass art history’s most important and recognizable names, such as Dale Chihuly and Harvey Littleton. Since then, we have prided ourselves on curating, exhibiting, and selling only the finest contemporary glass art and nurturing the future of glass as an expressive artistic medium.

Our annual Glass International Award Exhibition features hundreds of works from some of the most talented glass artists around the globe. More than an exhibition, this highly anticipated weekend event involves museum and home tours, artist lectures, special dinners, and the highly acclaimed MasterWorks Auction series.

Throughout the year, Habatat also hosts touring exhibitions that offer exciting insight into the latest innovations of glass sculpture as well as aesthetic trends from glass artists in Asia and Europe. We have long served as a leading proponent in glass art exhibition, featuring the first American displays of, for example, work from glass artists Klaus Moje and Niyoko Ikuta. Habatat has also curated museum exhibits and craft fairs across the globe, from Mexico to Taiwan.

In 2011, President and Founder of Habatat Galleries Ferdinand Hampson received the Visionary Award from Art Naples for his pioneering contributions to the field of glass art. In 2012, he published his landmark book, Studio Glass in America: A 50 Year Journey.

Glass is a medium as old as time, but contemporary glass art is truly a revolution of the modern age. At Habatat, we are proud to have played an active role in cultivating artistic growth in glass sculpture and changing the world of art as we know it.