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Offering over 40 years of servicing the contemporary glass art world Habatat Galleries offers one the most knowledgeable and experienced consulting, estate and appraisal services.

Habatat Galleries offers a flat rate/per piece service for each work appraised.

Formal appraisals include an appraisal of the current value for each work along with an email and mail version on the letter head of Habatat Galleries….$90.00 per piece.

Informal appraisals include an appraisal for each work sent by email…$60.00 per piece.

If the purposes of this appraisal for estate planning or gifting involving IRS forms please contact Ferdinand Hampson at [email protected].

Please complete and submit the form below. The appraisal process can take up to one week to be completed. We accept Visa/Mastercard as well as personal check

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