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Above all I love to create. From paintings to sculptures, with clay, metal, paper…I have explored a wide range of techniques and materials for my artwork. My first exhibition took place in 1992 and since then I have regularly had exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and abroad. In 1997, I fell in love with this beautiful medium that Glass is, and it was the same year I actually took my first class. After that, I have to accept that being a purely self-taught artist was not sufficient. Glass is a very demanding master and for successful results requires a solid technical understanding. I started to create glass artwork in 2001, and since then, have been involved with this medium experimenting and exploring its potentials for my work, initially for functional objects, lightings, tableware, water-sculptures etc., During those years I took many more classes in glass blowing and in particular different casting methods. Eventually I had built up valuable technical knowledge, which gave me the freedom I needed to develop my own expression. In doing that, I discover the method that spoke the most to my heart: the“Pâte de verre” technique.

Ancient civilizations have always interested me with their treasures and artifacts, which we can see in Museums today. Many of these impressions find reflection in my work. One of them is about the “First Tribes”, people who live outside “modern” civilizations, who have to strive hard to survive and keep their life styles and cultures. The series Tribal Spirit started in 2005 and is going on. Based on the research about primal tribes and their fight for survival in the modern world. The fascination I have with their artifacts, rites, beliefs, was what I first express with my works. My reflections about the origin of Humanity, which we all share, going from the non-acceptance of the others, to the cultural appropriation and integration of those “others” beliefs, ritual outfits, etc, in our every day life. The legacy we all share too, from our for-fathers, our roots is the continuity, the red thread, which should keep us, the Human Tribe as an entity that we cannot deny. And in fact, are we not going towards a “Global Tribe” rich from all the diversities of our world? My artwork evolves through the years with each of all this reflections and is mainly done with the Pâte de verre technique, and copper electro-plating. Researching new ways to approach it I have integrated image transfer and wires items, giving a hollow shell, (due to the PDV technique) the stature of a 3 D sculpture, a sculptural Pâte de Verre artwork.

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