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Through her art, it is possible to offer an opinion on social issues – thoughts and feelings that are difficult to put into words become one’s voice through the creation of art. One of the major influences on Krista Israel’s work was a lecture in 2011 by John Moran, then artist in residence at the IKA glass department in Belgium. ‘Glass art doesn’t necessarily have to be shiny and pretty. This material, which is known for its properties, can also be used in a completely different way. For me, that was an AHA moment, which certainly influenced the series of critical works on social media and rapid technical developments that I made in the following years. In life we go through stages and changes; that also happens in the works you make. – Krista Israel, Talking Out Your Glass Podcast.

Krista Israel, a renowned mixed-media glass artist based in the Netherlands, has been an integral part of the NGG (Next Generation Glass) community since its inception in 2021. Over the past year, Krista, in collaboration with Titia Felderhof, co-created UNexpected Glass in the Netherlands and played a pivotal role in founding the Netherlands Biannual. Together, they curated a groundbreaking crossover exhibit, seamlessly blending the worlds of photography and glass art. Krista Israel’s influence extends far beyond the borders of her homeland; her work has graced the pages of prestigious publications, including a feature on the cover of Glas Neau Magazine. Her artistic journey has been showcased in numerous museum exhibitions across Europe and Asia.

One of her standout achievements is the Not Grandma’s Glass Exhibition, a collection of vibrant and striking works that delve into her unique perspective on the contemporary world. The exhibition features an array of colorful and impressive pieces, including abstract sculptures in hues of pink and white that ingeniously incorporate elements like doll parts. Krista Israel’s art not only captivates the eye but also invites viewers to contemplate the intricate connections between traditional and unconventional materials, as well as the profound messages embedded within her thought-provoking creations.

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