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SQUEEZE – John Miller Fast Food Limited Series

$3,900 + shipping (Contact us for shipping outside of the USA. [email protected])

*If purchasing in MI or FL a 6% sales tax will be applied to your order.


John Miller
Squeeze, 2021
Ketchup 14 x 4 x 4 inches
Mustard 11.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Blown, sandblasted, and coldworked glass
Limited availability of 20.
$3,900 for the set of two bottles plus shipping.

Today, Friday, June 18th, which is also known as International Picnic Day, Habatat will be celebrating by offering the newest Habatat Limited sculpture in artist John Miller’s Fast Food Series titled Squeeze. The entire series has been very successful with many of the collectors eager to collect them all! Miller has been in touch personally with all who have purchased these works in the past and he is looking forward to making a Limited work for your collection.

This offering takes you back to your personal experiences in a restaurant or diner that offers Coney Island like food. Each set includes a uniquely made fast food themed ketchup and mustard bottle and is exclusively available from Habatat Limited. Only 20 available and will include a signed certificate along with the purchase. $3,900 each plus shipping.

John Miller has a few works available in his CB w/LTBP (burger), Fountain (soda cup), Box-O-Fries Limited Series. These can be purchased directly from the Habatat Limited website. Order yours today! If you prefer to purchase over the phone feel free to contact me anytime. 248.554.0590 – Aaron Schey

Artist: John Miller