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Nature Studies: Dragonfly

$3,900 + shipping (Contact us for shipping outside of the USA. [email protected])

*If purchasing in MI or FL a 6% sales tax will be applied to your order.

Limited Available

Artists Tim Tate and Michael Janis have recently released their first Habatat Limited titled Nature Studies: Dragonfly. This is a first in a series of four with three more upcoming. These are wall mounted sculptures that arrive in a specials package celebrating this offering. The artists recently collaborated on large scale wall installation sculpture in their Interconnections Series. This offering is a single panel in a new series titled Nature Studies. Each cast glass and mixed media work is made uniquely upon order and will ship directly to the purchasing client when ready.

These glass panels are a bit larger than the squares in their multiple panel series and measure 14 x 14 x 1 inches. The first of four offerings, titled Nature Studies: Dragonfly, will only be available to the first 20 who order. This offering is exclusively available from Habatat Limited. For those who acquire a Habatat Limited, each purchase will come in a special box and a signed certificate by the artists. The price is $3,900 each plus $80 shipping.

Artists’ comments:

Our “Dragonfly” series comes from our collaborative glass murals, centered on one of our favorite elements – the dragonfly. We love dragonflies. They are beautiful and graceful and the transparency of their wings makes us think of glass. This is a somewhat recent fascination for both of us as artists – we are drawn to them because they represent transformation.

They begin their life in the water, but soon transform into the agile flyers that we know them to be. The dragonfly has been the symbol of happiness, hope, new beginnings in life and love for many centuries, and by many cultures. To the Japanese, it symbolizes summer and autumn and is a symbol of power, agility and victory. In China, people associate the dragonfly with prosperity, harmony and good luck. Amongst Native Americans, it is a sign of happiness, speed, and purity.

It shows up in people’s lives to remind them that they need to bring a lightness and joy to their life.