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Atari 2021 – Jen Blazina

$2,900 + shipping (Contact us for shipping outside of the USA. [email protected])

*If purchasing in MI or FL a 6% sales tax will be applied to your order.


Jen Blazina, Atari 2021, 2021
5 x 4 x 4 inches
Cast glass

Artist Jen Blazina has unveiled a new Habatat Limited sculpture titled, Atari 2021 available exclusively through Habatat Galleries Michigan. Through the lost wax process, she has created a cast glass sculpture based on an Atari joystick.

Comments from the artist:

My work is influenced by commonplace possessions and memories from childhood. Whether found in a second-hand shop or keepsakes from my family, I am often attracted to and captivated by the lost beauty of subtle images and materials. Atari 2021 was created for Habatat Limited. Each joystick in this series is formed in the lost wax process then cast in glass and coldworked. Atari 2021 is reminiscent of the one which my brother and I played with as children. Now considered vintage or retro by my nephews, they also play the same games with a modern twist. – Jen Blazina 2021

This limited offering of 20 will be made to order and available first-come, first-served. Place your order this Friday as we expect this exciting offer to sell out. Many of the Habatat Limiteds have been purchased by a variety of collectors, for themselves, as gifts, and as family heirlooms.

This cast glass Limited has a nostalgic feel to the 1980s in which video gaming started to become more main stream. A true treasure for those who grew up in the era. Reserve yours today!



Artist: Jen Blazina