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November has been an exciting month at Habatat Detroit Fine Art. Join us Friday, November 25th from 6:00 - 8:00 P.m. ET. We will have the Grand Opening of an impressive exhibition by German artist Michael Behrens entitled ADRIFT. This in-person exhibition will be our second solo exhibition by the artist and you are invited to attend the day after Thanksgiving. This presentation will include over 22 impressive and available sculptures that explore over 5 years of the artist's career. I would describe Michael Behrens as one of the most impressive artists working today. Watch his Habatat-Zoom celebrating this exhibition by Clicking Here.

Click HERE to view Michael Behren's available sculptures.

Creativity generally takes an immense amount of energy and each of us refines this talent as we move through life. Over the last 20 years, German-born artist Michael Behrens has been refining and perfecting his own creative process with his art. He has done this by working with some of the most innovative artists creating with the medium of glass throughout Europe. One, of most note, is from his teacher and friend Dutch artist Peter Bremers. Behrens, after learning the many secrets of the material and techniques from his predecessor, has made a name for himself as one of the most diligent and impressive artists working today.

Michael Behrens’ sculptures must be experienced in person as each appears to be unearthed from the heart of the world. The color and scale of the work is unlike anything you have seen before. Behrens’ inspiration comes heavily from the aquatic as he frequently scuba dove all over the world in his youth. It would be hard to name an ocean he has yet to explore.

I also must mention that Behrens is one of the bestselling artists in the history of the gallery. Most often, each of his sculptures are quickly acquired by clients who are drawn to the work. The forms and coloring are extraordinary – almost supernatural. In my option, every important art collection should feature at least one of the artist’s works.

We here at Habatat are celebrating the 12th anniversary of Michael Behrens joining our Habatat Family. The show entitled “ADRIFT” will soon offer a virtual catalog of the available works. You are invited to visit the gallery and see his sculptures in person. Contact me for pricing and availability of the work anytime. - Aaron Schey


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