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It is an incredible honor to share the news about a new exhibition here at Habatat Detroit Fine Art featuring artist John Moran. You are invited to experience a collection of his work here at the gallery. His brand-new exhibition is titled We Are Blown Away and includes 11 unique and influential works. This includes the largest work he has ever created that you will need to see to believe.

As many of you know, artist John Moran, a long-time member of our Habatat Family, participated in the recently released season 3 of Netflix's Blown Away. This show has created great interest in glass blowing as well as the glass art community. Moran has received thousands of messages and emails as a result of this exposure. Moran recently did a Habatat-Zoom (expect spoilers) in which he discussed his participation in the show and spoke about his work.

John Moran did very well on the show and is one of the most talented artists using the medium of glass today. I recommend watching the show on Netflix, especially the 3rd season.

Habatat’s in-person exhibition by the artist is now on display and you are welcome to experience John Moran's artwork here at Habatat Detroit Fine Art.

Moran was a winner in the 2021 Not Grandma's Glass Exhibition/Competition! #NGG is a yearlong exhibition/competition exploring artists creating work that is not in grandma’s art collection yet. Visit  for more details.

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