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Artist Leah Wingfield will be offering six new works in her historic and popular Tango Series. This series is nostalgic to the artist as she last worked in this series in 2006. This limited edition will offer Six works to choose from and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis so do not delay. Six watercolor drawings will be released on Saturday September 21st and each sculpture will be made upon request. Each piece will be unique and one of a kind.

Leah Wingfield has shared her thoughts about this body of work:

The inspiration to revisit my Tango series seemingly came out of the air...really. It just popped into my head and feels right. I listen to the music in my studio often and am again inspired to try to fix a moment of the dance in time. When I am making the Tango pieces, I connect to the emotions, dreams of the music, the movements, the drama and memories of love affairs.

Tango is about attraction. Tango is about tension. Tango is energy. Tango is about surrender. Tango expresses the rhythm of a love affair. - Wingfield

You now have the opportunity, for a limited time to commission a Tango sculpture in glass through Habatat Galleries. This has been one of the most popular series and is often requested.This last time I offered the Tango series was in 2006. As always, each is unique and there will be one work created per watercolor. This watercolor will be sent immediately to the purchasing client.

Contact Aaron at Habatat to be updated on the release list.

A note about the series from Ferdinand Hampson:

In my four plus decades as an art dealer, there have been very few Instances where a particular series by an artist stirs such interest that collectors acquire the work even before it is created! Leah Wingfield’s tango series was one of the 5 series that enlisted that type of response. *This body of work began in 1998 and was discontinued in 2006. She stopped making them not because the market lost interest but because her creative mind became fascinated with a different topic. In fact, the series ended with the exhibition at Habatat Galleries called “The last tango” and featured tango dancers swirling around the pedestals, creating a fitting end to this extraordinary series.

The Tango is about attraction, tension and energy. It expresses the rhythm of a love affair. Leah captures this in her sculptures. The irresistible force and energy are electrifying to the viewer.

*Richard Ritter platter series circa1982; Libensky/Brychtova 1986-2002, Pavel Hlava flower series 1998-2002, Vivian Wang 2011- present

- Ferdinand Hampson, Founder of Habatat Galleries

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