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I create sculptures in glass, concrete, found objects, paint, steel, light and video that are playful narratives based on mythologies, religions, science, fiction, and personal experiences. By using imagery of common and slightly nostalgic items I tell stories of hopes and dreams, and of memories and transformations. My pieces are interpretations and psychological landscapes of the unseen forces in our lives—being judged by others and ourselves, finding inspiration and will, and dealing with obstacles that may hold us back.

My sculptures are kiln formed slump cast glass panels, that I trowel and paint with concrete and stains and frame in steel or wood and backlit using electoluminescnece. I am presenting pieces that have a feeling of relics, of archeology, and of the study of the past and the way we thought. I liken the presence of glass in my art to the ethereal aspects of our lives, our spirit, and our hopes and dreams. I equate the concrete with the realities of earth, and life, and the shell that we use to protect ourselves from exposing our soul to the world.

Tattered and stained. Covered and encrusted. Yet the glass, our humanity, and the narratives of our lives still shines through.