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Born in 1964, Keith Clayton spent his childhood years in Bucks County, near the city of Philadelphia. But, it would be 25 years before he discovered his love for working with glass. This discovery happened at a local college where Keith also met his wife, Deanna. They quickly realized that they shared a love of this art form. The couple took their artistic pursuits to The Tyler School of the Arts in Philadelphia, then on to Kent State University in Ohio. They finally landed at the University of Illinois. This pair of dedicated artists earned several degrees and had the pleasure of meeting countless interesting individuals. These years were full of challenges. Keith credits his childhood spent with a child psychologist (his father) for his sanity.
Keith benefited tremendously from the guidance of William Carlson in the course of his artistic training. The Pate-de-verre vessel series came into being while Keith was a graduate student. It combines the appeal of pate-de-verre glass with electroplated copper. Keith has used this technique with great success selling artwork in many galleries. He and his wife worked on this technique for a time before Keith started to delve into sculpture while Deanna put her own imprint on the technique.
Over the years, Keith and Deanna have added two daughters and a son to their family. They reside in Michigan’s scenic Door County. This peninsula that reaches out into Lake Michigan and continues into Green Bay in Wisconsin, provides plenty of inspiration for this pair of enduring artists. This couple spends their days working in their studio creating this unique type of art. The artwork of Keith and Deanna is known nationwide in a number of galleries. Their work can also be found in international shows.