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Physically and metaphorically we put our minds, hearts and hands together to create sculptural works of art. The process begins with a series of conversations that meld common visions and ideas into designs for a piece or series of works. Inspiration is drawn from the natural world, personal experience, family life, music, psychology, and science. Animalia is a driving and important theme in the narrative of our work. Since the advent of human expression, animals have been ever present.  We feel that animals have a certain wisdom and intuition that brings alignment with the natural world. There is something to be learned from the animal spirit; especially in today’s fast paced digital life where it is easy to forget that we, ourselves, are inseparable from nature.

We are enlivened by the inherent qualities of molten glass; its luminosity, viscosity, and seductive flow. Discovering how to translate our ideas into this magic material can be both challenging and rewarding. After scale drawings are made, we decide who will make which parts of the sculpture and hot work begins. Once all the parts are made, we work with a skilled team of assistants for the final assembly. The finished glass is often combined with other materials such as fur, wood, and steel to complete the sculpture.