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Born from the ancient physics of the universe, life has evolved through its folly of generations to produce forms with tangible and specific functions at every conceivable scale. All of our love, fear, passion, and pain is imbedded in these formal archetypes of nature, and is expressed through our invention. Beauty, creation, death and decay; concepts intrinsic to existence, provide the structure of our primal consciousness.

Exhibitions, Awards and Demonstrations:


2016 – “Habatat International Invitational Exhibition,” (group) Habatat Gallery, Dearborn, MI

2016 – “Lifeforms” (group) Hodge Gallery at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.


2015 – SOFA Expo Chicago, (group) Hive Contemporary, Chicago lLL

2015 – “Kaboo Arts,” (group) Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar CA

2015 – “All that Glitters,” (group) Petaluma Art Center, Petaluma CA

2015 – “Glass Weekend at Wheaton Village” (group) Hive Contemporary, Millville NJ


2014 – “Hired Guns“ (Demo) Public Glass, San Francisco CA

2014 – “Lifeforms“ (group) Merwin and Wakeley Galleries at Wesleyan University.

Bloomington ILL

2014 – “Lifeforms“ (group) National Liberty Museum. Philadelphia PA


2013 – “Lifeforms“ (Award of merit) Hodge Gallery at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. Pittsburgh PA

2013 – “Splendid Objects.“ (group) Fallkirk Cultural Center. San Rafael CA


2012 – “CCA Glass Alumni: 50th anniversary of west coast studio glass“ (group)

Oliver Art Gallery, Oakland CA

2012 – “Flora and Fauna“ (group) Cassel Gallery, San Francisco CA


2011 – “Formal Studies: Nepenthes Bicalcarata and other carnivorous forms“ (solo show & demo) Public Glass, San Francisco CA

2011 – “Best in show“ (Award) Public Glass Benefit Auction, San Francisco CA


2009 – “Fall Art“ (group), 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA


2008 – “Advena Cultura“(solo show & demo) Public Glass, San Francisco CA


2006 – “l(aleaffalls)oneliness“ (group), Swarm Gallery, Oakland CA

2006 – “Comb-Odity“ (solo), North/South Gallery (CCAC), Oakland CA

2006 – “Glass League“ (group), North/South Gallery (CCAC), Oakland CA

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