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Brian Usher has been exploring the physical and emotional power of space with his artwork for almost two decades. His early work focused on the direct relationship between the object and the viewer / user. Because many of those pieces were vessels of some kind, Brian found that they leant themselves to the interplay of interior and exterior spaces. As this exploration of physical space developed, Brian found that working in glass gave him greater freedom to express these new ideas. His goal is to use the pieces to create a space, both physical and emotional, which provokes the viewer to confront and consider the interplay of opposing ideas – strength versus fragility, stasis versus change, surface versus depth, light versus darkness – and to wonder about the possibilities of transformation. In this focus on the emotional response to his non-representational pieces, Brian’s work can be understood within the traditions of Abstract Expressionism, blended with the minimalist sculptural tendencies and graphic expression of Czech masters.